Who We Are

Team of alternative energy specialists

Medors an ISO certified have been solar pioneers from the very beginning cooperating successfully with our customers and the sun for many years. As suppliers of solar installations, we deliver holistically sustainable outcomes. We pride ourselves on being a very unusual enterprise, owned 100% by the people who work in it,

We're the  #1  solar energy & Solar
Advance Water Heater provider in India !


Founder of Medors Renewable Energy

We combine the power of the systems and technologies designed by our team of scientists and engineers. All the while using the most advanced technologies available, we can deliver more stable and efficient energy projects. Our global platform is our strength!

a Few Facts About Medors Renewable Energy



1000 MWH

generated monthly

5 Million ltr.

hot water monthly

Switch your energy needs to
efficient solar technologies!

Our Project Management Service allows an advanced project and energy monitoring with the use of real-time monitoring mobile and tablet app. This means you can effectively track your project and energy production from anywhere in the world!

Medors Renewable Energy mounting system technologies blend solar panels right into your roof to make the aesthetics perfect. You may not believe it, but the whole installation process goes down in just a few hours..

Pair your solar power system with the battery backup and protect your home from unpredictable blackouts! A unique combination of Solar on grid and off grid system will make you electric independent

Our executive team


Managing Director

As a Managing Director of our company, Kumo nurtures the most responsible approach towards energy consumption. He’s been advocating renewable energy well since his student years, and as now he’s at the head of our enterprise, Kumo does his best to promote the green energy usage...



It’s his field of duty that all the stages of projecting, assembling and repairing of our renewable energy models go according to the plan. Also, Khajit is responsible for new solar energy technologies development and testing. It’s thanks to Khajit that our products have such a high energy production ratio and at the same time are so cost-efficient.



Meenakshi is the person responsible for the fiscal, taxing and accounting aspects of our work, as well as for the interactions with capital markets and the information technology department. Besides, she supervises overall financial strategy and transactional activity. Meenakshi also oversees our company’s international development opportunities.

Energize your career

The work of our employees can be managerial and office-bound, and can take place at the fields, onshore power plants or overseas development positions. Regardless of where we work, becoming a part of our team can change your life for the better!

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