Advance Solar Water Heater

Powerful energy source form SUN!

Medors's Advance solar water heater is a unique innovation that combines two incomplete technologies. The two technologies are namely heat pump technology and a solar thermal collector technology. These two technologies quite a few limitation, heat pump uses the air temperature which is always cooler than the environment temperature so forces the compressor to work more which is why the energy bills are more and the technology is inefficient. Whereas solar thermal collector is best source of heat on hot sunny days but is totally ineffective in any other weather condition.

The Medors's Advance solar water heater innovation has overcome the limitations of these two technologies to meet hot water needs 24 hours a day in 365 days in a year in all weather condition. Medors's Advance solar water heater is environmentally friendly and reduces one's carbon footprint greatly. The machine which comes with a compact solar box and solar thermal collector is a retrofit model which makes the installation of the product very easy, it is a highly compatible technology and will work with vented or unvented storage.

Additional advantages.

Reliable Design

Triple Safety Protection From All Faults

Increased Efficiency

Competitive Price

One-Package Solution

5 Year Standard Warranty

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